Saturday, August 30, 2008

A follow up on 1439!

I guess I need to do a follow up on Apples ipod error code 1439.
I'm still getting feed back on that story!. Plus i have gotten around 50
hits from searches on the topic. People are in need of info on this, and it seems there are solutions out there!

The first thing you need to understand is (and they told this to me) Apple knows that it is there update that is causing this problem! And are they doing anything to stop it ....NO!
Its their program they wrote it. GIT IT!

Maybe I'm crazy but that just flat pisses me off!
my last ipod came up with the 1439 error code after only 4 days, I was just so happy...NOT!
Now my regular readers now I'm careful about the content I use here, So they will get the meaning of this next statement. Apple will have to have surgery to have that thing removed!

I have listened to you my readers, and a few friends and gone with Sony. and it works.
I think ipods are a better system, easier to use, but when you spend as much time getting them repaired as you do listening to them there is a problem!

Now my Brother and sisters and their kids all have ipods (not the 4 gig nano) but they have them, and love them. and to be honest I wish I did too. but I don't.

So if you have the Apple ipod Nano 4 gig....... Player be ware!


y@y!_blogger said...

cool!(not cool)
I have an Apple Ipod 30gigs, no probs(only too scratched, oops!)
Yep, chatterbox is the friend!She is waiting 4 u , btw!(only too long..)pls hurry!))))lol

y@y!_blogger said...

U know moscowmom?

y@y!_blogger said...

well, kind of.. she helps me not to forget english, since we left greece.She's from America, but lives in Russia cos husband works.

y@y!_blogger said...

I do not go to a private school(in Russia a private school is way NOT cool!Mine, anyway)lolSure, I'll stop by before I drop from exaustion *drops from exaustion*

y@y!_blogger said...

thx!why have u stopped blogging?
I ckecked 4 times today and yesterday!

just a girl... said...

I have the ipod touch and haven't had any issues so far.

tiredtonto said...

The ipod hard drive is responsible for many errors, but in many instances, the problem is not actually with the hard drive, but with the hard drive cable. Corrosion develops on the silver part of the hard drive cable and must be cleaned periodically to keep the iPod functioning correctly. This isn't always the case, but many times it is.