Saturday, August 30, 2008

A follow up on 1439!

I guess I need to do a follow up on Apples ipod error code 1439.
I'm still getting feed back on that story!. Plus i have gotten around 50
hits from searches on the topic. People are in need of info on this, and it seems there are solutions out there!

The first thing you need to understand is (and they told this to me) Apple knows that it is there update that is causing this problem! And are they doing anything to stop it ....NO!
Its their program they wrote it. GIT IT!

Maybe I'm crazy but that just flat pisses me off!
my last ipod came up with the 1439 error code after only 4 days, I was just so happy...NOT!
Now my regular readers now I'm careful about the content I use here, So they will get the meaning of this next statement. Apple will have to have surgery to have that thing removed!

I have listened to you my readers, and a few friends and gone with Sony. and it works.
I think ipods are a better system, easier to use, but when you spend as much time getting them repaired as you do listening to them there is a problem!

Now my Brother and sisters and their kids all have ipods (not the 4 gig nano) but they have them, and love them. and to be honest I wish I did too. but I don't.

So if you have the Apple ipod Nano 4 gig....... Player be ware!

Friday, August 29, 2008

And the first 3 go to ?

As you all know I was given an award, now this award comes with a catch.

I must not be stingy with it (Its really not fair) I must share it with 7 others.

Well here are my first 3 the rest will follow shortly.

Now for my first pick its an easy one! As soon as I seen that I had to spread this prestigious award around this blog was my first thought!

She is not only funny, but she has become a good friend. (now if we can get her to post a little more often) I refer to her in my posts as F.O.W.C. but you know her as Flipping out with Clare.

She makes me laugh my "arse" off! So she gets the #1 pick. Even though she wont play "ask me why". (chicken)

My #2 pick has got to be the funnest woman in the U.S. or at very least Texas.

She is also the one who bestowed the this great honor upon me. If you read any of her posts you will be a fan. (you may not get the honor of being labeled a stalker as I, but you will be a fan)

My 3rd award goes to a very special friend. She is another blogger I instantly liked!

I ran across her blog while reading comments on another blog, and just had to jump over to hers . She needed some help, but now she has turned the tables on me and she now helps me.

( no surprise there all my blog friends have to help me...I'm getting dragged into this century kicking and screaming).So #3 goes to BLAH-BLAH-BLAH, she never fails to put a smile on my face. So Polly you get #3.

The rest will go out I hope this weekend ( you really thought that I would give them all out at really need to read my blogs more often!)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well today is 1/25 years! one year for my blog, and 25 years for my Daughter.

( yes, I know your rubbing it in and that's OK your turn is coming) I feel very

grateful, for I have a kid that not only loves me but is also my friend!.

She is 25, man time really does fly. I remember the day she came in to this world like it

was yesterday. Its a good thing she can't though. Her Dad had a big bandage under his right eye from the "hammer" attack, with 4 stitches and a black eye!.

But there she was all 5lbs 13 oz's of life altering joy! We made or bond on that day!.

She was lying on the scales and the Nurse turned away. I walked up to her and ripped my glove off, the nurse said "Hey you can't do that" I didn't even turn to her I just said "who's paying for this you are me". I stuck my little finger in that tiny little hand and have been wrapped around her finger ever sense!. (that's a good thing)

We have been there for each other through some bad times and some good times.

She has stuck with me in my darkest days, and trust me know one else would of!.

I remember when I found out i was going to be a Daddy. I was into it from the start.

Her mother was smoking a cigarette when she got the call. She talked to the doctor while I paced the floor! then her mother did something that gave the answer away. she smashed out her cigarette!. and stopped smoking right there! (I'm still green over that too).

Soon I had a name for the bundle of joy that was on its way "Anthony" I loved that name, plus I could call him Tony, it was cool. But then a few months later we found out that Anthony was really going to be a Sarah!. It was a Minor adjustment to the plan.

She grew up so fast, She got the best parts from each side of the family.

She has a heart of gold and always has had one! Even as a child it would just destroy her

to do something wrong, her little world would crumble.

Now she's a parent and I'm a Grand parent! I have a son after a very long wait.

And of all things his name is Anthony! (tell me what the odds of that are). And a great guy he is!

He treats my Daughter like the queen she is. And is a great father to boot!.

She has given me my Grandson Gabe and he is so much like his Mom!.

(but he looks like me).

So 1 year ago I started this blog, and when I did I could think of nothing to say!

Well here is what I should of said then, and I hope its good enough for her now!



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not much out threr today!

So A Swan, a Goose, a Gray squirrel and a chipmunk....that's it!. I went out early to try to catch a deer, and I had heard a rumor that there was a mountain lion in the area. Maybe there is but I couldn't find it. or any signs of it!. I did miss a shot of a cottontail rabbit. (I think it was having a bad HAIR day (get it Hair, hare, rabbit ...oh you thought it was funny!

Friday, August 22, 2008

An Apple a day......NOT

O.K. I don't like doing post that are not upbeat and doing 2 in a row is just not good but this needs to be off my chest!

A while back my Parents gave me an Apple ipod shuffle, that they had gotten as a gift when
they bought something (they returned the thing they bought, that should of been a hint) and
I took it home and put it aside for a long time. Then one day I thought I would hook it up.
So I down loaded itunes, and off I went. this was in February. I fell in love with this little thing.
I could take it every where!. A month or so later the unthinkable happened IT DIED.

I ran to the store and for about $50 I bought a brand new shuffle. I was set.
For about 3 weeks. then it wouldn't do CRAP. So I peddled my lower 40 back to the store
and got an exchange. Now that is 3 ipods. This one was working really well for 3 or 4 days.
I was pissed! not like I want to yell and scream, just wasn't happy.
So on my way to get this thing replaced I thought to my self, self why not upgrade to a bigger and better ipod the "NANO" you can have GIGs of music pictures video's man like coooool.
So when I walked in the store I said lets not do the exchange lets UPGRADE!.
So another $100 for the upgrade and $20 for the extended warranty, and out the door I went.

I was so happy, That thing would rock the house! for a month or so!. Yes error code 1439, that's right 1439. I know what your thinking what is error 1439. I didn't know either. So I did a search at itunes. they didn't know either. Back to the store I went still being calm. and they gave me a new ipod nano. ihappy for 3 weeks yep error 1439 I was boiling in side. I took it back to the store and asked do you guys order factory seconds or what...(the lady replied no we only have new ones). This guy lets call him a GEEK took the nano back in to the ipod life suport area..and was gone for a long time. when he brought the ipod out he said he had restored at it was fine. O.K.
I can live with that as long as its going to work. I don't know if it worked on the way home for it was empty, But I do know that it did NOT work when I plugged it in. It said ....error 1439!
I could not run back to the store I had to go back to work. but as soon as I got done at work BAM
I was there. I popped that thing on the counter and said I want a new one, you said it was working its not give me a new one! and they did. I took that bad boy home and went to plug it in and it said update your ipod, O.K. I clicked the update and what do you think happened....yep again 1439 ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!. But this time I had them give me Apples phone #(I still have it if anyone needs it).O.K. last time I was boiling, well what ever comes after that I skipped it! the old lid went flippin'. I called....5 minute wait I didn't care I was pissed!. Then this guy that was from some where in the middle east I think answered the phone. I could hardly understand him. But I made sure he could understand me! Then he made a big mistake (jag you will get this one) He asked me to calm down...There was no place for him to hide! he is still crying at his desk as we speak!. he put me on hold for some one else to help me that new more about ipods. OK he put me on hold because he didn't know if he could help me...HE WORKS IN THE HELP DEPARTMENT, and putting me on hold is going to calm me down for the next fool..RIGHT!.
5 more minutes on hold, a man answers the phone "hello how may I help you" I replied "I have been on hold to speak to you because the last guy didn't know crap about ipods, and he didn't tell you what the trouble was? how many pairs of underwear do you have on?". He laughs, 2 seconds later I could just picture him checking to see if I had already gotten through them. I was raging mad, I said why don't you pull your head out of your arse, and tell me what error 1439 is. His reply. "uhh just a minute". I am going to half to transfer you to some one else. (I don't git it, its like they just want to spread the love to everyone) I asked "Now I'm going to be put on hold again?" "yes sir I'm sorry" I replied "Not as sorry as the person that picks up the line is going to be". and he actually said "I understand sir". So another 5 on hold.....He picks up the line and asked me the same questions as the other 2 did. my reply was simple. "Are you telling me that you guys don't transfer info when you transfer people? you do have computers there at Apple don't you?". "Yes sir now how can I help you?" I asked him to find out what error code 1439 was for that is what all the ipods were saying. He said "ok I'm going to put you on hold". That was the end of the calm conversation! I told him that there was no way that was going to happen, I had already been on hold 3 times transferred 2 times he was just going to have to listen!. and he did. He listened to me type as I answered e-mails talked to my room mate, and every so often I would ask "How you doing are we getting any where yet". "Yes sir I'm just checking on something"......after doing this for awhile I asked "Hey I have an idea for you guys, cheat sheets with the error codes and what they mean...DUH!". "well we have them sir but this is a newer code it just started..." I cut him off "when you installed the last update?"...."Uh yes sir".
"And you guys can't put 2 and 2 together and figure this out". So you are screwing up peoples ipods and you know your doing it and your not pulling the thing that's causing it" "well its supposed to keep things like this from happening, just don't update and you will be fine".
I went off on a very long loud and fowl rant that I will leave for you to fill in. (just don't do it out loud).

So if any of you have an ipod nano and it comes up with the dreaded 1439 error code stop and try not to update, Apple needs to make more money off of you don't fall for it.

And before you post to tell me I could go over to an mp3, your right I could but then I really would of waisted all that money that I spent at itunes getting a bigger and better song selection.
So I stayed with ipod.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A first!

I have finally gotten a comment that I would not post due to content!
(he also didn't see my point of view, but thats something else)
It seems that I was in error when I put my opinion on bike
helmets in a post on MY blog. (silly me)

I think that he did not read the part where I said "I know the land of the free".
Maybe he did not understand that, that means I have a right to say that, just as he has a right
to post a negative comment. I would of posted said comment with out a second thought. BUT
I have one rule don't put anything in there an 11 year old should not read. (using human body parts in slang or others will be subject for the trash can) Now don't get me wrong I use
bad words all the time, but not around children and I try to keep it down around lady's (but find that the lady's can put most of us men to shame) Anyway it seems that I am wrong about a helmet giving you a better chance to survive. (what could I have been thinking)
I have an idea lets have this gentleman take a hammer and hit himself in the head, not hard but hard enough that he knows he has done it. (a small lump would look good) Then put on a helmet and repeat this hammer thing, but swing twice as hard.

Well, what do you think now.....OK if that don't work you can do it the hard way.
Google bike helmet stats, and see what you get.

P.S. If you want me to re post your comment I will be happy to do that....just clean it up!

Monday, August 18, 2008

And another one passes

So again some one on a bike is killed!

He was in a bike lane, and going the right way

when a driver turned in to him. He died from

head trauma.

He was a husband, father and business's owner.

He was practicing for a up coming race.

Now this was an intelligent man,

and I'm not making excuses for the driver of the car.

They were in the wrong!. But he could of been warring a helmet!

He probably still would of been hurt maybe even badly, but he stood a lot better chance

of seeing his kids grow up! here in Oregon we have a law that kids under

the age of 16 have to have helmets. A motor cyclist has to ware a helmet

but if you are 17 or older you no longer have to ware a helmet on a bike.

Yes I know land of the free and all that! but come on we are smart here or at least that's what we say. $15.00 will buy you a helmet that could save your life!

Sorry but this pisses me off!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stress relief for my friends and me (I know it should be I)

This is where I go when I need a brake. I can find some peace and quiet in this place. Today was a good day for this (I thought). I had taken all the photo's and the short film, and was feeling whole again. When 2 lady's (whom I'm sure were OLDER than they looked) came walking up with a blue healer type of dog. being a dog lover I reached down and petted the dog. As I was doing this one of the (OLD) lady's said "You should get a dog like this". I was puzzled and asked "Why?". She replied "Well your hair and the dogs fur match". Now I'm a nice guy so all I did was smile and give a little chuckle, then turned a walked out of ear shot to give the true response. "Up yours lady". That dog had more gray hair than I do!. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind the gray I have on my head, but I had surgery to remove some (all) bad teeth a month or so ago, and it seemed like the next day the right half of my mustache went WHITE!. I look lopsided. I am dealing with that! I think?

Friday, August 15, 2008

We will try again!!

After talking it over (long and hard) with the powers that be (me, my self and I).

We have come to a decision on the whole bike name thing.

We will try this again.

Now I need 2 more names, I have Ruby and Redlux.

When I get these we will hold another survey and try to get her named

good and proper!.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 200th post!

For my 200th post I would like to do it on the beginning.

When I started this blog it was an accident! My father started a blog to keep us updated on their travels. The first time I went to post a comment(and this still doesn't surprise me) I clicked on the wrong thing, and that got the ball rolling. I had to do something with it. My first blog was a stroke of genius. one sentence that read, "Hello, this is my first blog. I have nothing prepared for it, so I will work on that!. (it should of been a clue huh)

I had nothing prepared, I can't believe I said that! It was my daughters ( whom I worship the ground she walks on) 24th birthday. I could of a least wished her a happy birthday! SUPERCRAP (used by permission from FOWC). But no I had nothing!

My next post was a big improvement (not) it read. "Dad, did you get this, If so send me my address to my hotmail address. I can't remember it. (still the clue missed me). I did how ever get my first comment. From one of my biggest fans, my Sister Renee. And it was quite a nice one too. it read as follows "Dad, Did you get it we all want to know" (BITCH).

And so on my 3rd post I got the clue! Pictures, I can post pictures on this (I'm so cleaver). It was tittled "Full moon sinking " It was and still is a very nice photo of a full moon going down as the sun was coming up.

So now almost 1 year to the day I'm posting my 200th post. I have had a lot of fun, and met some ........different people. most of all I have made some very good friends from all over the world. And for this thank you just doesn't seem right or a good enough word.

If the next 200 are anything like the last ....Well 198, I will be a happy camper.
I started this by mistake, but wouldn't take it back for anything!.
I have now started a second blog and it is an enter-active one. And is strictly
for fun.(which some of you know about already and the rest better get on the band wagon)

It is called "Ask me why" ( you can find it on my side bar). Readers ask a question by leaving it on the comments from the previous post or by e-mailing it to me. I then give them the up most and correct answer I can (don't you believe it)
I was thinking about starting a 3rd blog called "Dr. Ken helps Clare" but I'm thinking that it would take up all my time, and that would not be fair to my other readers (sorry Clare).

I have found many interesting blogs while surfing around here. Some I'm sure need a lot more help than putting it down on a post will ever give them. Many are of family's and their day to day lives. I enjoy these for I also love my family and try to stay as close in contact as I can.
Some of you are now becoming like a on-line family to me. The strange part is I could pass most of you on the street and not even know it was you. But I think the world of you anyway.

So to close this the 200th posting, I want you to know I close it with great joy, and look forward to meeting new family members and getting closer to the old one's (O.K. I don't mean "old" as in you are old, as in you are already in my blog family. you lady's kill me with this age thing)

Thank you for being here and sharing.

P.S. I know I said this would be done tonight but work plans changed.

Bend Oregon

Here is what I have to look at out the window of my dentist office.

See why I say this is where God takes his holidays.
Stay tuned, tonight there will be a very special post, Post number 200 you wont want to miss it!.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New name tuesday/ saying goodbye

We have all heard of Boring Tuesday, terrible Tuesday and Black Tuesday. But I have a new name now for Tuesdays "dead Tuesday". No really I haven't seen a Tuesday so dead in a long while. for example, Monday I received 63 e-mails + 4 spam e-mails
(Do I really look like I could use to lose 20 lbs, which leg do they want me to cut off?.)
So yesterday I received a whopping 24 e-mails 1 of which was spam. (they do not look at your photo's when they send you these I'm a thinkin' Come on I'm 5" 10" I weigh 150 lbs. I don't want to lose weight!) Anyway back to my point (they do piss me off) yesterday I was actually board, (except for the 3 to 4 hour im chat to the U K) just down right board. So I make a motion that from now on Tuesdays will be called DEAD TUESDAYS.

On a sadder note today I say goodbye to my best friend who passed last Saturday.
He was a great guy who would give way past the point of hurting. And be happy to do it.
I will miss him dearly but I know he is happy to be with his wife again. So to Lorenzo I say
goodbye, in tell we meet again. (you crazy Russian) I love you!.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a tie, well no its a bike but.....

O.K . the voting is closed and its a tie, (on the name of the bike).
Between "Ruby" and "Redlux". I'm not sure how I'm going to resolve this?
I could run the DA*&* thing over again. I could flip a coin.
Or I could say to He** with the whole thing and name her what I wanted to in the first place.
A name I thought was a pretty easy one to come up with, I gave you a big enough hint in the photo's. (red bike, model hard rock) you know a name like maybe oh like RED ROCKER!.
I'm so disappointed in you. The shame, I thought I had the cream of the crop readers.

I'm thinking that I'm going to have to pout about the house shaking my head.
............................whimper..............sob, sob sob,.......

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sevice stations

Question: how many of you get your fuel at a service station? EHHHHHH.
Wrong answer!. none of you do!
Let me explain what a "service station" is. In the 1960's my grand father
owned 2 "service stations" when you pulled up to the pump, one man would be
right there to ask "my I help you sir/ma'am. then you would tell him what you wanted
And he would then repeat it to you to confirm your request. Then as he was starting
to fill your tank, another gentleman would check the air pressure in your tire's. then the
first man would wash your window. Then one would ask to check under the hood.
They would check the oil, coolant and other fluid levels, and top them off for you.
They were always polite, and would wish you a nice day.

Now I want you to remember the last time you needed gas, and I bet it went some thing like this.
"what can i get for you today". Your response was something like this. "fill it up with regular"
Then he said "will that be cash or charge". after that you did not see him in tell the tank was full and he had your receipt. If you were lucky you mite of gotten a have a nice day.
Your tires could be flat, your oil and other fluids low and this guy probably couldn't open the hood or find the damn dip stick!.

The saddest part of all this is the men in the 60's that were doing this were pumping gas at $0.35 a gallon!!!.

So I now ask you when was the last time you stopped at a "service station" was.

Just a thought!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The new hair cut

My VERY handsome Grandson (who looks just like me when I was his age).
Has a new hair cut for there trip!. His mother was a little upset at how
short it was, but I told her not to worry, he has a long time for it to grow
back. Besides it's no shorter than mine!. Will try to get some other photo's
and maybe a short story later today.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It just don't pay!

Sometimes it just don't pay to be a nice guy.
I thought it would be nice to put a list of
the blogs I enjoy reading so my readers could check
them out also. (I know that is nice of me huh)

This one blogger whom I will not name(Flipping Out
With Clare, Oops) and I chat back and forth, so I thought
I would suggest she put a tracker so she could see
where people (you know like you)are coming from. I also
informed her that I had,had 2 people come from her site
(I thought that was nice).

So later in the day I get a message from this nameless blogger (Flipping out with Clare)and she informs me that not only did she already (and note she never offered
tracker info to me)installed this same tracker, but she also (and I know she was just GLOATING) that 13 people had came to her site from mine!.

So now do you think I should rub in her face the fact that I have been blogging
for like 12x as long as her and that she has only 4x as many views! I think I won't
even mention it ! (that will teach her)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new survey!!

It's time to pick a name for my best girl (after my Daughter and a bunch of you lady's) she has been good to me, so be good to her. It's in your hands!.
You can vote in the upper right hand corner of this page. you have 6 days left so GO OUT AND VOTE!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

63 % said yes

I keep the page this way for now 63% said they like it.
I know that sounds like a lot huh... 11 people voted!
I get like 50 hits a day on this site and 11 voted.
Over a 6 day time frame. Where is the love?.

There's a new one just for you

I have a new blog just for you. It's called "ask me why" and the name says it all.
you ask, and I answer, it may be wrong, it may be right.but I hope it will always be fun. (and clean I have young readers)

So here is the address We are waiting!.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

Red Hot Mama!/ She needs a name

Well my little Red Hot Mama turned 2,800 miles today. She still looks good enough to go another 2,800. She has let me down only one time, her chain broke 1 block from the shop. But I was on my way there to get some upgrades for her anyway so I didn't b@*tch her out at all.

Now she needs a name so give me some help here people. now just remember she gets rode a lot and she is always dirty. Just keep that in mind (other words you don't want to use your name)