Thursday, February 23, 2012

A U.S. Cellular Chance Encounter

This is a true story, a chance encounter that left me feeling in awe.

Tuesday the 21st of this month I stopped in at my local U.S. Cellular (USCC) store just say hello. Mike was there and we talked for a minute while the store wasn’t packed at the time. I had stopped off and picked up some “Ding Dongs” on my way home and sat them down by the front counter. Well in just a few minutes the store filled with customers so I made my exit. I was about halfway home when my phone rang, it was Mike from the USCC store. I had forgotten my Ding Dongs, I told him that I really didn’t want to turn around and he said he would put them in the back for me, and I would stop in the next day to pick them up.

So here we are the next day, I had been out running around all morning and a good part of the afternoon. But I was on my way home and remembered those oh so good Ding Dongs I had left at the USCC store. So I stop in, I open the door (Now when I normally walk in they see me and say hi and all that) and the first thing I hear is “Well there he is right there”. (I’m feeling like the finger of doom is pointing at me) Then I see that there are two new faces in USCC outfits, Black shirts as I call them. They are introduced to me as Kim J. And Tiffiney C. regional managers from Medford Oregon. They both re-introduced themselves and shook my hand. Then they asked a few questions about the customer crew (of which I am a member) and thanked me for all the hard work I have been doing. Now normally that would be the end of it, they were there for other reasons than to meet me. So I went and was talking with Wayne about leaving my Ding Dongs behind and some general Both Kim and Tiffiney made a point to come over and talk with me again and again thanked me for helping with the smart phone workshops. Now I have always felt that I had the best USCC store in the world, but now I think it must be a whole great state of Oregon thing. Those two ladies really made me feel that USCC really does care about their customers, they went WAY out of their way to make sure I knew how much USCC cares for what we customer crew members are doing.

So now I am sending a THANK YOU! to you U.S. Cellular, thank you for doing all you do for your customers.

P.S. Yes I did pass out Ding Dongs before I left.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bringing this blog back to life for the simple reason I need to post some videos now and again and I am not going to pay my other blog sponcer the money they want to do it.... So I'M BAAAAAAACK! Will post something soon