Monday, September 29, 2008

Random shots

Here are some random shots that I pulled from the vault. I hope you enjoy them.
Okay so I picked them out but they are from random

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm going to vent SORRY

I have had it!!, I have been going to the same place for years to take the pictures that I post on this page. I used to be able to get enough photo's in a 2 hour trip to last all week. This summer I have not even seen a deer in the park! I have seen three rabbits but they were so frightened I only got pictures of one! The trouble is that even though we have leash laws here people don't obey it. Every time I have gone to the park there have been dogs running loose. Which in turn run all the wild life off. I have tried going earlier and it hasn't helped. I got there so early today that it was to dark to take pictures, and still there were dogs with out a leash. So the pictures above are what was out today. It was really hard to get the trees to stand still.
And just to let you know I only added 3 pictures, but 6 are what you see its a double print, just the kind of day I'm having. I'll just leave them there!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stalking the beast

So I'm always looking to capture a new creature to post for you. Now I have seen many Elk in my time here in bend but have yet to have my camera with me.

So this morning as I arrived at my favorite photo spot I could hear a bull Elk calling in the distance. I thought good I have my camera I can get the shot. So I started stalking the beast.

I know this area like the back of my hand, every stick and every rock. I worked my way down wind of this great beast, then I started working towards it. Now if you have never heard an Elk call, Its a high pitched whistle. Not what you would expect to come from a beast that weights in around 800 to 1.200 pounds.

I could tell this mighty beast was about a 1,000 yards away and up the hill. So I made my way as fast and as quite as I could. As I got closer I could tell it was in a clearing just over a ridge. I crept up slowly behind a tree at the edge of the clearing, Camera at the ready. slowly moved around for the shot and..........

You ask, where is the picture?

I know what your thinking. No film in the camera...No who uses film now day's.

No memory stick then... No had a 2 gig stick in and it was empty.

Battery was dead? ... nope I had just charged it last night.

The mighty Elk ran away to fast for me to get the shot snapped..... come on you really didn't think that did you?

So why then, why is there no picture of this beast in my post.... WELL

It was 2 guy's practicing for an up coming Elk hunt....

Go figure!! Sorry readers maybe next time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bucks, Bucks and more Bucks

I tell ya what, Its times like these I wish I lived in a big city....NOT

And # 6 goes to....

Muzzerino !!, I have been following this mans blog for a long time now, I love the fact that he has no fear in his post, he will put his thoughts out for all to see. More than any other blog that I follow.

And as he knows I check on his blog often, and I am usually the first to post a comment.

He did one the other day about a 77 year old woman that was doing Coke, that was really good.

I don't now where this guy gets all the stuff he ends up with and as long as he is posting I don't care.

Thanks for the many, many good reads!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahh my bestest subject (no its not me)

That guy is the bestest guy around, Oh and the other people are pretty cool too. (Dad and Mom)
And of course he is a fisherman. It runs in both sides of his family. I just got these from my daughter last night. they are now moving to North Carolina. Just what I needed. Them to move even farther away! really I wouldn't mind it if they left Gabe here with me!! lol

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second post of the day!

The little guy above was very friendly, he at one point was on my foot, but in trying to get the picture I moved to much. But he did stick around for a lot of photos. This last one seems out of place. It is the only bush of its kind I found, But the shot turned out so well.
The post below also has some nice pictures, The top one you really can't see all the sparkles.
But I call it "A 1,000 sparkles"

A good day for these shots

I really like the way these turned out!, I'm thinking of turning one or two in to puzzles.

Friday, September 12, 2008


RED ROCKER by a landslide! And it only took 2 tries to do it.

I wasn't sure if she was going to get named before she hit the 3,000 mile mark

or not. (made it with 46 miles to spare)

Thank you all for voting.

And # 5 goes to......

GIGGLES: & RAT GIRL, (same blog owner)

If you have no humor in your life, go here, if you all ready have a bunch well you better go anyway. (its not like it will hurt you ya know) I call her "the wonder from down under"

I don't know which one of her blogs I like the best, so I follow them both (they are on my side bar)

So go kick it with her for a while, drop over and see Rat girl. see her take on Evil!

(but remember Aunti Vi is mine so BACK OFF lol)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let me know how?

Let me know how you got here!
If the black box was it you mite be addicted, thank god I'm not....oh gotta go its my turn to play!

Things have been a little crazy

I have been neglecting my blogger duty's. I still have 4 (well now 3) awards to give out.

This one goes to the closest thing to a "stalker" I have. She has the bluest eye's I've ever seen.

In fact that's all I have ever seen of her! She claims that they are hers but we may never know if that is true. Yep you guessed it this one goes to none other than Music Monkey! Or as I refer to her M & M.

She has a talent for writing, she can be as funny as they come one day and give you a documentary the next. (hell I can't do either) Last week she did her posts on the history around her home in Scotland. I really enjoyed it. (I'm kind of a mini history buff) I learned something from her posts every day. I find myself go back and reading some of her older post quite often.

So drop in and see this award winning blogger! (and tell her that Ken sent you! score me some points) Not that kind she's married.
You will find her on my side bar....yes that's the one.... mind body music soul!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A video just for you

Sorry about the music in the back ground I had my head phones on (loud) it was Queen.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

trying to find it?

Again not a lot out today, I walked about 2 miles but couldn't find much, so I needed a friend and went and seen Johnny, He always has a smile for you. and he even winked for the camera today. I found him a couple tears ago, after a rock slide. i have had some fun with him. He doesn't even care when I dress him up!. I plan on going back out to try to kick this funk I'm in today, between this place and some loud ROCK-n-ROLL. I should be back on top soon!.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Helping a friend/getting help

A friend of mine owns this property (or some of it anyway).

And needed some help cleaning it up.It has been a while sense it has been done so Ken to the rescue. Now that it has gotten started we all want to finish it a.s.a.p..

So I brought in some help. The young girl is Rachel, she is 25 and knows how to put in a full days work!. It was nice to have someone doing the brush trimming while I worked on the trees. And its a good thing I was doing the trees, because I found a Wasp nest (the hard way) and got stung in the forehead. but he paid the ultimate price for his actions!.

there are a few before and after shots, for you to see!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The new world farmers!

Now some of you may not know this, but I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
And my oldest brother lives just 20 miles away with his wife. So we see
each other often. Today was one of those times. I was over visiting my parents and he and his wife stopped in to do the same. Some how we got on to the subject of some friends of theirs that are staying at their house. Now understand they have a spare cabin 30' from their house, but these people are staying in their motor home (OK I can see that). Which brings me up to this post.

They can't understand how the lawn looks so nice......ok
Its always green and stays well groomed.

Now this is where it gets "STRANGE"

My brother and his wife always have a nice garden, its not big but it has a good selection of goods!
So the visitors were out in the garden gathering a bounty for dinner, when they had finished they went into the house and sat down and started to describe their experienced. It went something like this.

Woman: Wow I have never picked corn before!
My sis: Really!
Woman: And picking beans and carrots was fun!
My sis: Really never? (In her head she was saying "you still haven't picked carrots" but you have pulled them)
Woman: But picking the Raspberry's was the neatest thing, I didn't know that they grew on trees!

At that point in the story I lost all control I was ROTFLMAOPMP!! as my sister was telling me this.
Now I grew up on a small farm outside of Salem Oregon. We had a good sized garden so when I heard this I could not help myself!

If you don't understand what was so funny Raspberry's grow on bushes they get about as tall as a man. (and maybe you should get out more)

Anyway I don't know how my sister handled this, but I'm sure she did it well she has away of not making you feel small even when you should (I know this first hand!). And yes I do refer to her as my sister! She has been in my family long enough and I love her like a sister so that's the way it is my family. you are there long enough to be loved by all the in-law thing go out the window! it don't float in this family!

Anyway back to the story.
All the time I'm listening to this I'm thinking that this is a young city raised couple just out to see the sights. So when I had gathered my breath I asked her how old these people were.

She got this big grin on her face (I think she knew what was going to happen next) and said "He is 60 and she is 51" I LOST IT! I mean I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen!

I think I will have to go meet these fine folk. I could send them into a tail spin by telling them that a Tomato is a fruit! (if you read my other blog you will get this).