Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second post of the day!

The little guy above was very friendly, he at one point was on my foot, but in trying to get the picture I moved to much. But he did stick around for a lot of photos. This last one seems out of place. It is the only bush of its kind I found, But the shot turned out so well.
The post below also has some nice pictures, The top one you really can't see all the sparkles.
But I call it "A 1,000 sparkles"


ch@tter_ box said...

Thanks! Fine, I'll try to convince Polly to write more... AAAAAAHHHHH! Such cute photos!

Music Monkey said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute. You live in an amazing place. You must have very low blood pressure cos mine lowers just looking at your pics never mind relaxing in that place

Giggle! said...

Awwww I adore animals more than babies! They make my heart just MELT!!!

I get this strong overwhelming feeling when I'm around animals... almost like the feeling of the holy spirit!

I woulda been moved to tears if I saw this little fella in person! xx

ch@tter_ box said...

AAAAHH! No fair! I wanna break the record!)

Judi~Gmj said...

Thanks for stopping by, The black box has lead me to you more than once! I usually end up on your other blog, this one suits me better. your now are on my Alphabet Soup list aka blog roll.

Ron said...

Hi Ken!

Just wanted to stop by for a visit and say THANK YOU for visiting my blog the other day.

It was nice meeting you.

OMG…as I’m scrolling through all these wonderful photos, I’m thinking, “WOW…what a beautiful area you live in!!!”

(I’m a city dweller, but my heart is always in the country)

I’ve seen several photos of Oregon from other bloggers, and it always looks amazing!

And I really enjoyed the photos of the “little guy” in this post.

Oh man…how CUTE!

Anyway…thanks again for stopping by to say HI!

Enjoy your week, Ken

Muzzer said...

Nice shots of the chipmunk! I got some too and it took me aes to get a decent shot, they move so quick!

hope you hear from your mates in Houston,


y@y!_blogger said...