Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things have been a little crazy

I have been neglecting my blogger duty's. I still have 4 (well now 3) awards to give out.

This one goes to the closest thing to a "stalker" I have. She has the bluest eye's I've ever seen.

In fact that's all I have ever seen of her! She claims that they are hers but we may never know if that is true. Yep you guessed it this one goes to none other than Music Monkey! Or as I refer to her M & M.

She has a talent for writing, she can be as funny as they come one day and give you a documentary the next. (hell I can't do either) Last week she did her posts on the history around her home in Scotland. I really enjoyed it. (I'm kind of a mini history buff) I learned something from her posts every day. I find myself go back and reading some of her older post quite often.

So drop in and see this award winning blogger! (and tell her that Ken sent you! score me some points) Not that kind she's married.
You will find her on my side bar....yes that's the one.... mind body music soul!


Music Monkey said...

To my no.1 fan/stalker

*blushing furiously*
Thank you very much. That was really really kind of you. I promise those are my eyes. Although the pic may be photoshopped slightly!

Thank you for reading my blog even though it's really just babbling nonsense.

From your no.1 fan/stalker

Bronnie said...

Thank you for my comment, its was really nice, made me smile. i don't get many readers so it's nice to know someone's actually taken a interest!
Your blogs are very interesting. This award idea is funny. :)
Although i really doubt her eyes are that blue.

Thanks for reading!
i think i'll visit your page more often for a read :)

Muzzer said...

Yeah Music Monkey the Weegie, "good on ya" as they say in NZ someone should create an award widget!