Friday, September 19, 2008

And # 6 goes to....

Muzzerino !!, I have been following this mans blog for a long time now, I love the fact that he has no fear in his post, he will put his thoughts out for all to see. More than any other blog that I follow.

And as he knows I check on his blog often, and I am usually the first to post a comment.

He did one the other day about a 77 year old woman that was doing Coke, that was really good.

I don't now where this guy gets all the stuff he ends up with and as long as he is posting I don't care.

Thanks for the many, many good reads!


Giggle! said...

Oh thanks for reminding me! I forgot all about this award!!! (Stoopid baby brain!)

I must get to giving some out tooo!


Muzzerino said...

Yay! thanks Ken, much appreciated!

this is such an awesome idea you have going here!


catscratch said...

Very cool idea!