Monday, September 1, 2008

The new world farmers!

Now some of you may not know this, but I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
And my oldest brother lives just 20 miles away with his wife. So we see
each other often. Today was one of those times. I was over visiting my parents and he and his wife stopped in to do the same. Some how we got on to the subject of some friends of theirs that are staying at their house. Now understand they have a spare cabin 30' from their house, but these people are staying in their motor home (OK I can see that). Which brings me up to this post.

They can't understand how the lawn looks so nice......ok
Its always green and stays well groomed.

Now this is where it gets "STRANGE"

My brother and his wife always have a nice garden, its not big but it has a good selection of goods!
So the visitors were out in the garden gathering a bounty for dinner, when they had finished they went into the house and sat down and started to describe their experienced. It went something like this.

Woman: Wow I have never picked corn before!
My sis: Really!
Woman: And picking beans and carrots was fun!
My sis: Really never? (In her head she was saying "you still haven't picked carrots" but you have pulled them)
Woman: But picking the Raspberry's was the neatest thing, I didn't know that they grew on trees!

At that point in the story I lost all control I was ROTFLMAOPMP!! as my sister was telling me this.
Now I grew up on a small farm outside of Salem Oregon. We had a good sized garden so when I heard this I could not help myself!

If you don't understand what was so funny Raspberry's grow on bushes they get about as tall as a man. (and maybe you should get out more)

Anyway I don't know how my sister handled this, but I'm sure she did it well she has away of not making you feel small even when you should (I know this first hand!). And yes I do refer to her as my sister! She has been in my family long enough and I love her like a sister so that's the way it is my family. you are there long enough to be loved by all the in-law thing go out the window! it don't float in this family!

Anyway back to the story.
All the time I'm listening to this I'm thinking that this is a young city raised couple just out to see the sights. So when I had gathered my breath I asked her how old these people were.

She got this big grin on her face (I think she knew what was going to happen next) and said "He is 60 and she is 51" I LOST IT! I mean I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen!

I think I will have to go meet these fine folk. I could send them into a tail spin by telling them that a Tomato is a fruit! (if you read my other blog you will get this).


Giggle! said...

hehehe! Hello you!

I lost the link to your blog! So thanks for commenting coz now I can link ya!!

Thanks for you interest in RAT GiRL, it's actually my second blog so I only do a comic post about once a month (coz they take flippin ages to make!!!)

But I dribble shit on my main blog usually every second day!

I shall let you know when the next episode is ready!! xx

just a girl... said...

I didnt know a tomato was a fruit, I didnt know raspberrys grow on bushes, I am a city girl and I am now convinced that your entire family is omish. thanks ken.