Friday, August 15, 2008

We will try again!!

After talking it over (long and hard) with the powers that be (me, my self and I).

We have come to a decision on the whole bike name thing.

We will try this again.

Now I need 2 more names, I have Ruby and Redlux.

When I get these we will hold another survey and try to get her named

good and proper!.

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y@y!_blogger said...

Awwww!Shucks, Ken!Ur comments r so nice!

Wow!This is the best pic u've had so far!Don't change it, pls!))u look VAIR COOL!

I!I've got it!
What about.....Bicycle?Ok!Just kidding!))Well, u could use The red rocker as u wanted and u can use..Spike!Cos the wheels are spiky, right?right?