Monday, August 18, 2008

And another one passes

So again some one on a bike is killed!

He was in a bike lane, and going the right way

when a driver turned in to him. He died from

head trauma.

He was a husband, father and business's owner.

He was practicing for a up coming race.

Now this was an intelligent man,

and I'm not making excuses for the driver of the car.

They were in the wrong!. But he could of been warring a helmet!

He probably still would of been hurt maybe even badly, but he stood a lot better chance

of seeing his kids grow up! here in Oregon we have a law that kids under

the age of 16 have to have helmets. A motor cyclist has to ware a helmet

but if you are 17 or older you no longer have to ware a helmet on a bike.

Yes I know land of the free and all that! but come on we are smart here or at least that's what we say. $15.00 will buy you a helmet that could save your life!

Sorry but this pisses me off!


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