Thursday, August 21, 2008

A first!

I have finally gotten a comment that I would not post due to content!
(he also didn't see my point of view, but thats something else)
It seems that I was in error when I put my opinion on bike
helmets in a post on MY blog. (silly me)

I think that he did not read the part where I said "I know the land of the free".
Maybe he did not understand that, that means I have a right to say that, just as he has a right
to post a negative comment. I would of posted said comment with out a second thought. BUT
I have one rule don't put anything in there an 11 year old should not read. (using human body parts in slang or others will be subject for the trash can) Now don't get me wrong I use
bad words all the time, but not around children and I try to keep it down around lady's (but find that the lady's can put most of us men to shame) Anyway it seems that I am wrong about a helmet giving you a better chance to survive. (what could I have been thinking)
I have an idea lets have this gentleman take a hammer and hit himself in the head, not hard but hard enough that he knows he has done it. (a small lump would look good) Then put on a helmet and repeat this hammer thing, but swing twice as hard.

Well, what do you think now.....OK if that don't work you can do it the hard way.
Google bike helmet stats, and see what you get.

P.S. If you want me to re post your comment I will be happy to do that....just clean it up!


Music Monkey said...

I can use bad language just like everyone. But when I'm commenting on someone's blog it is surely only polite to keep the language clean? Unless you know the person's blog well enough to know that it is the type of language they use all the time.

I totally agree with you on the bike helmet thing by the way. I even wear it on the cycle track because once you've seen the damage done to one after hitting concrete you'll realise that your head is a pretty precious thing!

Giggle! said...

Hey Kenny!

Thanks for popping in for a cuppa! And always happy to have another fan of RAT GiRLs! Woooooo!

I know of a few people who have died from massive head injuries while wearing a helmet! Very tragic!

I must admit that I have a bit of a potty mouth myself, but to use profanity to insult others is a whole other thing!

GREAT BLOG! :-) xx

Muzzer said...

Agreed, its best to be clean and polite, unless you are in a yahoo chat room,

cheers for the Visit Ken. thanks for being positive about the UK,

( Here in NZ they have a very bad stereotypical image of us )

keep on wearing those helmets! :-D