Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well today is 1/25 years! one year for my blog, and 25 years for my Daughter.

( yes, I know your rubbing it in and that's OK your turn is coming) I feel very

grateful, for I have a kid that not only loves me but is also my friend!.

She is 25, man time really does fly. I remember the day she came in to this world like it

was yesterday. Its a good thing she can't though. Her Dad had a big bandage under his right eye from the "hammer" attack, with 4 stitches and a black eye!.

But there she was all 5lbs 13 oz's of life altering joy! We made or bond on that day!.

She was lying on the scales and the Nurse turned away. I walked up to her and ripped my glove off, the nurse said "Hey you can't do that" I didn't even turn to her I just said "who's paying for this you are me". I stuck my little finger in that tiny little hand and have been wrapped around her finger ever sense!. (that's a good thing)

We have been there for each other through some bad times and some good times.

She has stuck with me in my darkest days, and trust me know one else would of!.

I remember when I found out i was going to be a Daddy. I was into it from the start.

Her mother was smoking a cigarette when she got the call. She talked to the doctor while I paced the floor! then her mother did something that gave the answer away. she smashed out her cigarette!. and stopped smoking right there! (I'm still green over that too).

Soon I had a name for the bundle of joy that was on its way "Anthony" I loved that name, plus I could call him Tony, it was cool. But then a few months later we found out that Anthony was really going to be a Sarah!. It was a Minor adjustment to the plan.

She grew up so fast, She got the best parts from each side of the family.

She has a heart of gold and always has had one! Even as a child it would just destroy her

to do something wrong, her little world would crumble.

Now she's a parent and I'm a Grand parent! I have a son after a very long wait.

And of all things his name is Anthony! (tell me what the odds of that are). And a great guy he is!

He treats my Daughter like the queen she is. And is a great father to boot!.

She has given me my Grandson Gabe and he is so much like his Mom!.

(but he looks like me).

So 1 year ago I started this blog, and when I did I could think of nothing to say!

Well here is what I should of said then, and I hope its good enough for her now!




clare4lyfe said...

Ah Ken this is soooo lovely! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter! You sound as proud as a man can be...!

LA LA LA i'm singing cos this post made me happy!

just a girl... said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Happy Birthday Daughter. You are blessed and she had a boy thank god, lol.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

The odds of your grandson being named Anthony are pretty good...if you PAID HER!

But seriously, this was a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday daughter!

Ken said...

I thought I was going to have to work at doing this post. I was wrong. It was as easy as loving her.

y@y!_blogger said...

Happy bday 2 ur wonderful daughter!She is abs gorgeous!Send her my congrats!)))

y@y!_blogger said...

Listen, Ken, Ju verified her adress, so now u can go to her blog, It is beyond awesome!Well, I hope u like it!Pls welcome her like u welcomed me!

y@y!_blogger said...

i love the idea about ur friends(my future 1s)lol