Friday, August 29, 2008

And the first 3 go to ?

As you all know I was given an award, now this award comes with a catch.

I must not be stingy with it (Its really not fair) I must share it with 7 others.

Well here are my first 3 the rest will follow shortly.

Now for my first pick its an easy one! As soon as I seen that I had to spread this prestigious award around this blog was my first thought!

She is not only funny, but she has become a good friend. (now if we can get her to post a little more often) I refer to her in my posts as F.O.W.C. but you know her as Flipping out with Clare.

She makes me laugh my "arse" off! So she gets the #1 pick. Even though she wont play "ask me why". (chicken)

My #2 pick has got to be the funnest woman in the U.S. or at very least Texas.

She is also the one who bestowed the this great honor upon me. If you read any of her posts you will be a fan. (you may not get the honor of being labeled a stalker as I, but you will be a fan)

My 3rd award goes to a very special friend. She is another blogger I instantly liked!

I ran across her blog while reading comments on another blog, and just had to jump over to hers . She needed some help, but now she has turned the tables on me and she now helps me.

( no surprise there all my blog friends have to help me...I'm getting dragged into this century kicking and screaming).So #3 goes to BLAH-BLAH-BLAH, she never fails to put a smile on my face. So Polly you get #3.

The rest will go out I hope this weekend ( you really thought that I would give them all out at really need to read my blogs more often!)


y@y!_blogger said...

hahahaha!lalalalala!Thnx lotz lotz lotz lotz !Oh Ken, u r only too kind!Great Big and HUGE thnx!
The Best.Surprise.Evah!OMG!
So, do I have to do something with it like share it?Like u did?pls explain, am totally confused and HAPPY!lolololol
Shuck, totally big thnx!:):):)

just a girl... said...

you did so well. One day I will show you how to link. LOL.

just a girl... said...

you did so well. One day I will show you how to link. LOL.