Thursday, August 7, 2008

It just don't pay!

Sometimes it just don't pay to be a nice guy.
I thought it would be nice to put a list of
the blogs I enjoy reading so my readers could check
them out also. (I know that is nice of me huh)

This one blogger whom I will not name(Flipping Out
With Clare, Oops) and I chat back and forth, so I thought
I would suggest she put a tracker so she could see
where people (you know like you)are coming from. I also
informed her that I had,had 2 people come from her site
(I thought that was nice).

So later in the day I get a message from this nameless blogger (Flipping out with Clare)and she informs me that not only did she already (and note she never offered
tracker info to me)installed this same tracker, but she also (and I know she was just GLOATING) that 13 people had came to her site from mine!.

So now do you think I should rub in her face the fact that I have been blogging
for like 12x as long as her and that she has only 4x as many views! I think I won't
even mention it ! (that will teach her)


just a girl... said...

what is a tracker?

just a girl... said...

shoot now I am doing double posts, is this where you say go to my ask blog. lol.

y@y!_blogger said...

Tnx 4 ur coments, really!

ToughGirl101 said...

lol, ooooh, it always pays to be a nice guy in my opinion... but sometimes, you'll just get a little not so nice response.

clare4lyfe said...

hey Ken- Don't judge me, love me! I accept I didn't inform you about the tracker but I assumed that you probably already were way ahead of me and had it! As for the amount of people that visited mine from yours - as mutual number one fans I thought you would be very happy for me! Remember now I'm the one who lives in a constant state of irritation and yet you are happy go lucky! So I gotta get a break sometimes! Also you got a cute grandson and I haven't - so no more hating ok!!! PS you got cool sunglasses and I don't!! All in all you are far more fortunate!!!lol! Oh yeh and your bike is probably worth more than my car! AND it looks like it's sunnier where you live... i could go on!!! As always Ken your blog rocks!

y@y!_blogger said...

I fully agree with the last sentence!Btw,Ken, lets get it sorted with the time!Look, I'm in greece now,but lets count from ur time!right now its 12:55a.m. here!

y@y!_blogger said...

so ur ttime is +3hrs!Now its sorted!wait, no!I think its -3hrs at ur place!Huh?I'm confused!

y@y!_blogger said...

by "home" do u mean moscow?

stockname said...

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