Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 200th post!

For my 200th post I would like to do it on the beginning.

When I started this blog it was an accident! My father started a blog to keep us updated on their travels. The first time I went to post a comment(and this still doesn't surprise me) I clicked on the wrong thing, and that got the ball rolling. I had to do something with it. My first blog was a stroke of genius. one sentence that read, "Hello, this is my first blog. I have nothing prepared for it, so I will work on that!. (it should of been a clue huh)

I had nothing prepared, I can't believe I said that! It was my daughters ( whom I worship the ground she walks on) 24th birthday. I could of a least wished her a happy birthday! SUPERCRAP (used by permission from FOWC). But no I had nothing!

My next post was a big improvement (not) it read. "Dad, did you get this, If so send me my address to my hotmail address. I can't remember it. (still the clue missed me). I did how ever get my first comment. From one of my biggest fans, my Sister Renee. And it was quite a nice one too. it read as follows "Dad, Did you get it we all want to know" (BITCH).

And so on my 3rd post I got the clue! Pictures, I can post pictures on this (I'm so cleaver). It was tittled "Full moon sinking " It was and still is a very nice photo of a full moon going down as the sun was coming up.

So now almost 1 year to the day I'm posting my 200th post. I have had a lot of fun, and met some ........different people. most of all I have made some very good friends from all over the world. And for this thank you just doesn't seem right or a good enough word.

If the next 200 are anything like the last ....Well 198, I will be a happy camper.
I started this by mistake, but wouldn't take it back for anything!.
I have now started a second blog and it is an enter-active one. And is strictly
for fun.(which some of you know about already and the rest better get on the band wagon)

It is called "Ask me why" ( you can find it on my side bar). Readers ask a question by leaving it on the comments from the previous post or by e-mailing it to me. I then give them the up most and correct answer I can (don't you believe it)
I was thinking about starting a 3rd blog called "Dr. Ken helps Clare" but I'm thinking that it would take up all my time, and that would not be fair to my other readers (sorry Clare).

I have found many interesting blogs while surfing around here. Some I'm sure need a lot more help than putting it down on a post will ever give them. Many are of family's and their day to day lives. I enjoy these for I also love my family and try to stay as close in contact as I can.
Some of you are now becoming like a on-line family to me. The strange part is I could pass most of you on the street and not even know it was you. But I think the world of you anyway.

So to close this the 200th posting, I want you to know I close it with great joy, and look forward to meeting new family members and getting closer to the old one's (O.K. I don't mean "old" as in you are old, as in you are already in my blog family. you lady's kill me with this age thing)

Thank you for being here and sharing.

P.S. I know I said this would be done tonight but work plans changed.


just a girl... said...

That was awesome! Happy 200th

y@y!_blogger said...

Happy 200th!!!!!(post, not bday!)