Friday, August 22, 2008

An Apple a day......NOT

O.K. I don't like doing post that are not upbeat and doing 2 in a row is just not good but this needs to be off my chest!

A while back my Parents gave me an Apple ipod shuffle, that they had gotten as a gift when
they bought something (they returned the thing they bought, that should of been a hint) and
I took it home and put it aside for a long time. Then one day I thought I would hook it up.
So I down loaded itunes, and off I went. this was in February. I fell in love with this little thing.
I could take it every where!. A month or so later the unthinkable happened IT DIED.

I ran to the store and for about $50 I bought a brand new shuffle. I was set.
For about 3 weeks. then it wouldn't do CRAP. So I peddled my lower 40 back to the store
and got an exchange. Now that is 3 ipods. This one was working really well for 3 or 4 days.
I was pissed! not like I want to yell and scream, just wasn't happy.
So on my way to get this thing replaced I thought to my self, self why not upgrade to a bigger and better ipod the "NANO" you can have GIGs of music pictures video's man like coooool.
So when I walked in the store I said lets not do the exchange lets UPGRADE!.
So another $100 for the upgrade and $20 for the extended warranty, and out the door I went.

I was so happy, That thing would rock the house! for a month or so!. Yes error code 1439, that's right 1439. I know what your thinking what is error 1439. I didn't know either. So I did a search at itunes. they didn't know either. Back to the store I went still being calm. and they gave me a new ipod nano. ihappy for 3 weeks yep error 1439 I was boiling in side. I took it back to the store and asked do you guys order factory seconds or what...(the lady replied no we only have new ones). This guy lets call him a GEEK took the nano back in to the ipod life suport area..and was gone for a long time. when he brought the ipod out he said he had restored at it was fine. O.K.
I can live with that as long as its going to work. I don't know if it worked on the way home for it was empty, But I do know that it did NOT work when I plugged it in. It said ....error 1439!
I could not run back to the store I had to go back to work. but as soon as I got done at work BAM
I was there. I popped that thing on the counter and said I want a new one, you said it was working its not give me a new one! and they did. I took that bad boy home and went to plug it in and it said update your ipod, O.K. I clicked the update and what do you think happened....yep again 1439 ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!. But this time I had them give me Apples phone #(I still have it if anyone needs it).O.K. last time I was boiling, well what ever comes after that I skipped it! the old lid went flippin'. I called....5 minute wait I didn't care I was pissed!. Then this guy that was from some where in the middle east I think answered the phone. I could hardly understand him. But I made sure he could understand me! Then he made a big mistake (jag you will get this one) He asked me to calm down...There was no place for him to hide! he is still crying at his desk as we speak!. he put me on hold for some one else to help me that new more about ipods. OK he put me on hold because he didn't know if he could help me...HE WORKS IN THE HELP DEPARTMENT, and putting me on hold is going to calm me down for the next fool..RIGHT!.
5 more minutes on hold, a man answers the phone "hello how may I help you" I replied "I have been on hold to speak to you because the last guy didn't know crap about ipods, and he didn't tell you what the trouble was? how many pairs of underwear do you have on?". He laughs, 2 seconds later I could just picture him checking to see if I had already gotten through them. I was raging mad, I said why don't you pull your head out of your arse, and tell me what error 1439 is. His reply. "uhh just a minute". I am going to half to transfer you to some one else. (I don't git it, its like they just want to spread the love to everyone) I asked "Now I'm going to be put on hold again?" "yes sir I'm sorry" I replied "Not as sorry as the person that picks up the line is going to be". and he actually said "I understand sir". So another 5 on hold.....He picks up the line and asked me the same questions as the other 2 did. my reply was simple. "Are you telling me that you guys don't transfer info when you transfer people? you do have computers there at Apple don't you?". "Yes sir now how can I help you?" I asked him to find out what error code 1439 was for that is what all the ipods were saying. He said "ok I'm going to put you on hold". That was the end of the calm conversation! I told him that there was no way that was going to happen, I had already been on hold 3 times transferred 2 times he was just going to have to listen!. and he did. He listened to me type as I answered e-mails talked to my room mate, and every so often I would ask "How you doing are we getting any where yet". "Yes sir I'm just checking on something"......after doing this for awhile I asked "Hey I have an idea for you guys, cheat sheets with the error codes and what they mean...DUH!". "well we have them sir but this is a newer code it just started..." I cut him off "when you installed the last update?"...."Uh yes sir".
"And you guys can't put 2 and 2 together and figure this out". So you are screwing up peoples ipods and you know your doing it and your not pulling the thing that's causing it" "well its supposed to keep things like this from happening, just don't update and you will be fine".
I went off on a very long loud and fowl rant that I will leave for you to fill in. (just don't do it out loud).

So if any of you have an ipod nano and it comes up with the dreaded 1439 error code stop and try not to update, Apple needs to make more money off of you don't fall for it.

And before you post to tell me I could go over to an mp3, your right I could but then I really would of waisted all that money that I spent at itunes getting a bigger and better song selection.
So I stayed with ipod.


Muzzer said...

Hi Ken, thanks fro your coments on my Wellington page, I read your post about the Ipod, hilarious! made me feel better to know that kind of thing doesnt just happen to me! :-)

I got a Sony Walkman which I use with Media Moneky and I love it, good luck with your new Ipod but if you get anymore trouble, I seriously would recommend ditching Itunes and grab a Sony.

all the best


Music Monkey said...

OMG poor you. I love my ipod. And I've had mp3 players (which I also loved). Is it fixed now?
When will companies realise that customers don't like overseas call centres?

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Uh - oh. I have a nano iPod, so I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for this one.

hangoutman said...

This is my first ipod, and I had the same thing happened to me. I took mine to the apple store and they didn't know either. The menu works and it reads like the pod is not formated, becuase it reads 0 capacity. So I downloaded the update from apple and nothing.Since no one knew what to do, I decided today I would toss lighter fluid on it and light it. I own 2 Zunes and never had a problem with it. In fact It just got better with wifi sync added a while ago,NO MORE CABLES. It was a big let down for me since they were around before microsoft. Sure the ipods are cool, but if it doesn,t work why buy one. Support don't know S#%& about the error codes. Next time I'll buy an mp3 it's not going to be apple. Sony's stuff works for my friends, so I guess I'll give them a try.

clare4lyfe said...

Ipod nano... rest in peace! Ken misses you! lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
I just updated my iTunes and then ended up with error 1439 same as you. I was so close to tossing my ipod nano out the window but believe it or not I managed to fix it. Here is what I did:
1.) uninstalled iTunes
2.) reinstalled an older version of iTunes

It still wasn't working at this point but it gave me a different error 1418 so I did some more digging online and found a note online to plug it in using a USB port in the back of the computer because the USB in the front can't handle the download - so I tried it . . IT WORKED!!!! It reset my iPod and I am back in Business! It's worth a shot - it worked for me! Good Luck! ~Dana