Monday, August 11, 2008

Sevice stations

Question: how many of you get your fuel at a service station? EHHHHHH.
Wrong answer!. none of you do!
Let me explain what a "service station" is. In the 1960's my grand father
owned 2 "service stations" when you pulled up to the pump, one man would be
right there to ask "my I help you sir/ma'am. then you would tell him what you wanted
And he would then repeat it to you to confirm your request. Then as he was starting
to fill your tank, another gentleman would check the air pressure in your tire's. then the
first man would wash your window. Then one would ask to check under the hood.
They would check the oil, coolant and other fluid levels, and top them off for you.
They were always polite, and would wish you a nice day.

Now I want you to remember the last time you needed gas, and I bet it went some thing like this.
"what can i get for you today". Your response was something like this. "fill it up with regular"
Then he said "will that be cash or charge". after that you did not see him in tell the tank was full and he had your receipt. If you were lucky you mite of gotten a have a nice day.
Your tires could be flat, your oil and other fluids low and this guy probably couldn't open the hood or find the damn dip stick!.

The saddest part of all this is the men in the 60's that were doing this were pumping gas at $0.35 a gallon!!!.

So I now ask you when was the last time you stopped at a "service station" was.

Just a thought!


ToughGirl101 said...

To be fair, I wouldnt let anyone poke around in the hood of my car. I can do the air pressure, check oil, coolant and fluids all by my lonesome. THe only way I would allow someone to poke around in my vehicle is if there's something really wrong, in which case I have a mechanic I trust.

y@y!_blogger said...


y@y!_blogger said...

me and my vati r goin' to moskow on the 17 of august, then I'm goin' to my granma's place and vati is alone in moska, while mutti and the other little piggy r stayin' in greese!Hee-heee!

clare4lyfe said...

I would just like to say that you don't know how lucky you are!Someone actually speaks to you at a petrol station! No chance here.. you get a grunt when you go to pay and you get evil looks when you have to go and put the petrol in yourself! So just be happy you even get a have a nice day! or less! We don't even get an acknowledgement of our existence... i have even apologised once for entering the shop to pay!!!