Monday, October 13, 2008

News flash.... DOCTORS ARE STUPID!!

I'm in the wrong line of work! I seem to know more about this damn spider bite than the doctors. Here is a piece of the opening conversation between the doctor and I.

Doc. "How's the leg doing?"
Me. "I don't think the infection is gone yet!"
Doc. "it looks good to me"
Me. REALLY? (then I reach down and squeeze my calf just a little)
Doc. "there seems to still be some infection in there"
Me. "yea, did you notice my leg is still swollen?"
Doc. "I guess it is why is that I wonder"
Me. Trying bot to reach out and smack him in the head. "because the effing drugs arn't working"
Doc. "Hummm I think you are right"
I quit talking then, I can only be a nice guy for so long. and I think I was at my limit.

So this is what is going on now.
I'm on new drugs, I am to be off my leg for the next ten days and be back in for a unpacking (#3). and to see how it looks on Thursday.

I would post a picture but I think that would be pushing it a bit to far. Trust me its UGLY okay!!

Side note to family and friends.... I love you all for your kind words and support!!


Judi~Gmj said...

Oh, sweety!! scream "SECOND OPINION" STAT!!
Oh, yeah, from a retired RN you gotta scream. Not be the nice guy stuff. Open the exam room door and tell the nurse in the hall I need a second opinion. Loud enough for others to hear. Walk to the front desk and tell them you need a second opinion, loud enough for the waiting room to hear.
the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the noisy patient gets the action. Just saying, :)

diana said...

i really think the medical profession just tries to prolong things so they make more money off of us. hold your ground and make them work for their money.

hope the new drugs work and you heal up soon.

Trixie said...

What a pain in the ARSE, ummm I mean leg.

Sometimes GP's really haven't an effing clue, they are just learn the basics and use the internet as much as we do to find out more about certain things. This guy obviously couldn't be arsed researching your spider bite.

just a girl... said...

man that sucks i know a girl that just went though this but it was a staph infection, hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ken,

Please get a second opinion if that leg is not looking 10X better SOON.

Just a Mom giving you a little bit of support.

tgt said...

Spiders suck. I used to be really nice and carry them out of doors when I found them wandering around in my house... no more! DEATH TO SPIDERS.

Wennie said...

Hey Ken,

Sheesh a spider bite? I hate spiders, I'm sorry you got bite! It sounds painful, and not fun at all. But I'm sure you'll enjoy your time off! You get to uhmn well you get to do things the net, watch television, and eat lots of nummies! I hope you feel better!

Midlife Slices said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with the spider bite AND an idiot doctor but just keep speaking up and MAKE them hear you!! I hope things turn around for the better soon. I'm kind of in a funk here in my land of oz so if I'm quiet, that's the reason.

Kaylen said...

I have found that no visit to the doctor will be helpful unless I show up with a list of my main concerns about my issue.
For you it could be:
1) my leg is swollen
2) there isa pool of fluid under the surface
3) i can barely walk

AND a list of questions to spark something in his head:
1) what is the avg span of time this will take to clear up
2) Have you seen this type of thing before and how often
3) can you refer me to someone to have a second opinion, just to cover all the bases.

I am fairly certain my doc appreciates the effort I take to prepare AND I know that the typical doc plans to spend SEVEN minutes with each patient-I plan to make sure I get a quality seven minutes and I do not let him leave before I have everything covered.

Good luck!!!

Judi~Gmj said...

YOu better give me an up date soon... I am getting anxious, nervous and a tad grittchy. I want to know how your leg is and if you got a second oppinon, and if you are in the hospital, get a friend to post for you. hugs.