Friday, October 17, 2008

I shall teach you how!!!!!

Now most of you readers are also readers of "just a girl" and if not you should be.
She is about as funny as they come! She does a post every Thursday called "tin truths"
Where she list 10 things. Here is a short example.

1. I would love to meet JAG in person
2. I could eat Reese's peanut butter cups everyday
and so on and so forth to ten. We have all seen this. Now I guess that you haven't got the hint on what you as a reader are supposed to do. And its really starting to piss me off!

So here I will explain it as best I can.
You get a piece of paper and a pin (or pencil) and as you read the things she has you right your answer like this.
1. I'm going to make it a point to meet JAG in person
2. Not me I would rather have a tootsie pop

Okay, now is that easy enough. you will be surprised how much fun it really is.
Then you go back the next day and read what everyone else has said it will crack you the F**K up!

I hope that I don't have to repeat myself. I tried leaving a hint on her blog last week but I guess I was to calm. if you are reading this please understand I'm not calm... I know you guys are smarter than that!

P.S. The spider bite is looking good I'm on new meds and I hope I can get out of the house and stop sleeping all day soon! Thanks to all who sent there love and care! And a special thanks to TGT. you know I love you the most!


Midlife Slices said...

I'm glad you explained that because I read JAG and I didn't get it. Maybe we're not all as smart as you think??

Glad the leg is better and the meds are good. I hate spiders.

just a girl... said...

I think you should get the loyal blog reader award. Watch for one coming very soon. I have been out and about all weekend but I am catching up on emaill now. I am glad that the bite is doing better and the meds are working. hang in there mister.