Thursday, October 23, 2008

The new blog, and the new name

Okay, I have a new blog that will start on the day that "Ask me why" dies.

It will be called "What ever I want" and that is what will be put in it!

I will answer questions, but I will be doing things with this blog that I would not do with either of the other 2. There will be no restrictions either if you want to use the F bomb fill free. I have instructed my young readers to stay away from this blog. I will be doing a lot of posting on it (I hope) so be watching for it to show up on the 26th. and I hope you enjoy it!


Midlife Slices said...

That picture is just freaky, dude.

Giggle! said...

HAHAHAHAHA Love the pic!!!

Can't wait to check out the new blog! (If I'm around for the opening!)

And Wooo hooo we can F Bomb!!

Firetrucking Brilliant!! xx

just a girl... said...

I cant wait to use the freaking f bomb. HURRY, HuRRY, HURRY. oh and midlife played the game right come check it out