Sunday, October 26, 2008

More shots from yesterday and the address

Here are a few shots of the best looking duck in the pond... or river what ever.

It was nice too get out of the house and I was just starting to get the ducks in close when my daughter thought she needed to talk......that was the end of the Wood duck photos they don't really like us humans and they really don't like us to ring. But I love talking to her so a small price to pay.

Here is the address and no I can't do the link thing and I know I will here more about it but that's okay. I'm in the 21st century, I'm just slow.


Giggle! said...

There There! You'll figure it out one day... but ya might wanna change the 'd' to a 'g' in blodspot! ;-)

Ooooo pretty ducks!!! xx

Ken said...

Thanks, my sister usualy watches out for me but she is on the road, so its good to know you got my back while she is gone!!

tgt said...

Don't you think that just because I am on the road, I didn't catch that error buddy!