Friday, January 23, 2009

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Did I mention I was WRONG, I know hard to believe but its true. My mother tried to take the blame (like I would let that happen even if it was true). But no it is all on me. I have lived in Oregon 90% of my life, I have been looking at these mountains all that time. But I had been looking at them from the other side most of that time. But when I posted the picture below the other day I wasn't sure just what mountain it was , and said so. Then my good blogging friend pointed out that I should post the name. So I sent the picture to my FATHER to have him put a positive I.D. to it. Well my mother the good soul that she is was the one who answered the question. Now I had my doubts, but being the good son I went over and put in that it was Mt. Jefferson. No one noticed my error, I could of kept my mouth shut and it would of caused a big ta do years later when MLS & HBL came up on vacation and were arrested for chocking some poor soul for calling it Mt.Washington (which it is) I would feel guilty bailing out MLS and leaving poor HBL there to fend for him self, but that's what he gets for trying to of her anyway. Mt. WASHINGTON, and JAG just so you know this mountain is not in Washington state OR Washington D.C. Its in OREGON!



Midlife Slices said...

LOL at bailing me out and leaving HBL. I love it!!

Oh and now we know you are human after all. :)

lynette said...

gorgeous pic ken it looks quite surreal almost cloud like
lovin your honesty as always lol

just a girl... said...

oh that is sooooooo unfair