Friday, January 16, 2009

A wild hair part 1

This is what the weather has been like the whole week. I thought I would give one more try at getting the view from the canyon in winter time. As you can see NO snow. All the pictures you will be seeing were taken today, although it will take I'm thinking 3 maybe 4 post to get this story told. Trust me this will all be true. Not even I could make this one up! So anyway, you know about what happened on my last try from reading my other blogs. What you haven't read them? for shame on you! Then you will be in the dark, hurry go and read them and come back. I will still be here when your done. Okay, well I'm still sore from that day but the weather is so good I just couldn't help but give it another try. (key word is try but that will come later) So as you see warm, I mean I had a lite jacket on and was over heating warm! Now do you see ant snow here? Or any snow here by this little guy?
But yet her is snow/ice on the same trail as in the post you just went and read on my other blog. And remember it has been 50 and 60 here all week, and you seen the hill in the first shot.

This is where the snow belongs in weather like we have been having. But I really wanted to get the pictures from the canyon so I locked my bike up at the park and walked. Over the next few post I will be sharing those pictures while telling you why I labeled this post "A wild hair" So please stay tuned, you wont believe what went on!

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