Saturday, January 17, 2009

A wild hair part 2

So I walked from my bike about a mile and a half. It was an easy walk and took no time at all. As I got to the canyon I stopped at the edge and looked down and seen an animal trail. I knew it was an animal trail because no human would ever try a trail that steep, errr well almost no human. I thought I would go part way down and see how bad it really was. And so starts the adventure. The picture below is the trail I went down, doesn't look to bad does it? Well let me tell you what. I am looking at it straight on. And it is straight up. That should of been a clue of how much fun I was about to have. This should give you a little better idea of what I had just came down....On my ass no less, I ended up sliding about 20 feet and losing my battery for my camera, so I had to walk (crawl) back up to the battery and get it. If it would of been one of those $5 batteries I would of left it. but this was a rechargeable and they are not cheap even at half price!

So I finally got to the bottom, and I found that the sun don't shine there either! As you will see in the next picture. The rocks are covered in frost. Now these are all lava, rough and sharp you can get a good grip on them with any shoe. Even my Nike's that are tread less now. But when they are covered with frost they are slick as snot! I was crawling and picking my way across them to get the picture that I wanted.

I wanted to get this rock that was in the middle of the river, it too was covered with frost but would make for a great shot I had to move to 3 different spots before I could get it just the way I wanted. And as you can see it was worth all the hassle...................

Then I seen another one that looked even better but I had trees in the way. So I crept and crawled to where I could get a shot of it without using the 12x zoom. I would then go up top to the trail and take one with the zoom to show you how close I really was to this rock...... Trust me it wasn't that cool and if this was what this post was about it would of never made it this far! Tomorrow I will post on the part you want to read...... I still can't believe it And I was there!

So isn't that a cool frozen rock? Just wait you wont be sorry you are doing this!



Doberman Gang said...

Ok risk life for rock. I think i understand now. It is a cool rock though. Still WTF??????

Ken said...

Hey, I use to rock climb to go catch fish I would then turn lose..... Like I said in part 3 I will not stop at a platers factory!