Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The snow and cold continue

These were taken yesterday, It didn't snow after this but it hasn't melted any either. The high I seen here yesterday was about 19. I did get one section replaced but the main part I don't think I will be able to do this week It will be getting to cold at night for the concrete to set. I still have a lot I can do around here even though its cold. I really don't mind the cold when I'm working in it, and my nephew is a great guy. He has made his uncle proud with the way he has turned out. Any of single gals out there this guy is a keeper!


just a girl... said...

I am super jealous. we get no snow. did you hear me none, freaking show off

Trixie said...

I want the snow!!!! I've only seen it once this season, well, that was actually in Autumn. Seen none this winter!

Muzzerino said...

Man I love the snow. We dont get much of it here in Auckland, none in fact. !