Friday, November 14, 2008

Ten things I know about JAG

Here is what I know about JAG. now I have never even seen a picture of her, so that is why I always tell my family that she is the best looking woman I have never seen. I think of that young lady as a good friend and that is why I stalk her.

1. She has red hair... my favorite color

2. She has green eyes

3. she is 5'1 and a 1/2... (just found that out today)

4. She has a great kid with a funny name (Tween)

5. Her mother is a wonderful human and should be given the key to Texas.

6. She really likes her boob's

7. She really loves the color...hummm what color was that again?

8. She really does care for us fellow bloggers

9. She is in love with me but does not know it yet (and don't you tell her)

10. She really knows her football, Now that's a woman after my heart!!!

We all love you JAG and the three post today do make up for this week.


just a girl... said...

okay I will give my rebuttal to this on Sunday with a 10 things I know about Ken. We have to teach you how to link. Oh and I really love #4 and #5 cracking me the hell up. Google Tween, LMFAO

Lena said...

nice list, really :D
a good dedication to a friend, pretty much summed up one's life in 10 sentences :D

Midlife Slices said...

So do you only stalk red heads??? ;)

Ken said...

JAG,Do you think you could come up with ten? And do you think I can learn to link?

Lena, Thanks JAG is a really neat person everyone should be a fan.

Midlife, No I do not only stalk redheads, I'm thinking about stalking Lena

Trixie said...

Are you two timing me Ken????

Or is that three timing now with Lena? ;p

Ken said...

Oh hell, its more like 5 timming you but hey I can handle it, two of you are in England. The other one lives in Coventry