Monday, November 3, 2008

I got another one!!

I got yet another one WAHOOOOOOO.

Midlife slices gave me this award! (she has the best taste really)

If you haven't been by to see her well you are just missing out on some good reading. I am a big fan of hers.....But no JAG not yet stalking .... she has a man.

And like with most awards on here you must pass the love around, and this one must go to 7 others. and like I normally do I'm putting a twist in mine. I'm giving one away to an un-known blogger, One I can't give the address out to. You will just have to trust me that TGT really is some one. In fact I'm telling you I love TGT like a brother or a sister. So here are my 7.

#1, Goes to TGT

now all the rest of these and midlife slices can all be found to the right on my blog roll....( No I can't do the link thing yet )

#2 Goes to some one I am stalking... JAG Over at Just A Girl. (she loves pink)

#3 Goes to Practically Joe over at Practically Wisdom he is quite wise really read today's post and you will agree.

#4 Giggles for both her blogs. she is about to pop and then there will be all kinds of posts coming from her.

#5 Now for the next few I jump the pond...Clare at Flipping out with Clare gets # 5 she is such a great person. Get well soon from YVBAF. Yeah you guys may not get that last part but she does and that's what counts.

#6 Goes to Music Monkey at Mind body music soul. she has a warm heart and can always give a lift.

Now this last one goes to a blogger I don't think any of you know about. But those of you who are reading my new blog "What ever I want" will know something about him.

#7 goes to Jeff over at gtos and dogs, to say he has been a life long Friend would be an insult. He was the best man at my wedding (well one of them any way) and is my daughters god father. Do me and your self a favor and check him out....he just another boy in Texas but hes a good sorry ffej.


Midlife Slices said...

You deserve the award and I laughed at your explanation about not stalking me because I have a man. LOL

Music Monkey said...

Thank you very much. I'm totally honoured. Been another busy week and this is the first time I've been on since Monday (and I'm only on for a second before rushing out to rehearsals!)
Sorry I've not been about so much. Hope that everything's good. The new blog is certainly fantastic!

just a girl... said...

i am going to get it already. jeeeeeeeeeeeez and yes i am loved thanks.

Ken said...

JAG, of course your loved, Why do you think I stalk you.....