Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wear a helmet, but not in a padded room (yet)

See there, that's where I hit a tree branch...it left a dent in my helmet! Not to mention rang my bell and made my neck hurt for days! Okay now here is the deal, they say when you fall (of hit a fricking tree) you should replace your helmet, but the say even if you don't hit your head, because there can be damage to the helmet you can't see. So if you CAN see where there is damage then I'm pretty sure it should be tossed! So here is the new one, I'm a cheap S.O.B. so I wont spend $90 bucks on a helmet that says "Giro" on it, but I will spend $20 on one that says "Bell" and has the same safety rating!
And just look it is that special color that will go good with my bike!
Oh and by the way this is the 3rd helmet for this bike and the post before this one was the 333rd post, just keepin the 3's going!
Update, I just got the OKAY to cut the branch that did the damage! It will fall shortly!


Candice said...

Yikes! Good thing you're safety concious or you could have landed yourself in the ER!

Ken said...

You say that like its a bad thing, hell your a nurse, I could handle that..(don't tell Brent okay)

Ken said...
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