Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Three is the number! Yup that's three thousand three hundred thirty three point three miles on the bike. Now just guess what my favorite number is? Nope its 3. You know like Jesus was 33 when put on the cross, he was there for three days then put in his tomb and three days later rose and walked the earth for three days. Or how many does it take to make a family? 3 that's how many. How many band members are in the band RUSH? 3 again. Then there is Peter, Paul and Mary the three stooges the list goes on, but the miles on my bike were the last goal I had for my bike. I will have to try and come up with another one are two, I'm not ready to get a new bike and start all over just yet.


Candice said...

I'll just call you Lance Armstrong from here on out. Is that okay? ;)

midlife slices said...

You forgot to mention your grandson who is 3. gaw....do I have to remind you of everything? :)