Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, so I'm crazy about him but thats okay with me!

Now there might be a cuter kid somewhere in the world but I have my doubts. My sister and her husband have been out traveling the country for what seems like for ever. And they have ended up at my daughters place. Of course I had to beg and plead and cry to get her to go see them....NOT! Gabe here is the first grandchild in the family, so he demands attention. Are at least he gets a lot of it.
He reminds me of me in this picture!

Mom (Sarah) The man (Gabe) and last but no way the least his Dad (Anthony) No if you look close you can see the beginning's of a couple black eyes on little Gabe. He did and I quote "A face plant" earlier in the day!

And I think it messed up his sleeping schedule lol.
I have begged my sister for some of her with my grandson so some time tonight I should have them.... I also informed my daughter to get some of them also, she's a good kid and does as she is


Lori ann said...

Sleeping babies are the cutest. what a sweetie.

Ashley said...

So cute!!