Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The man busts out the moves!

Now I would love to claim he got this from me, but that would be the biggest lie I ever told. (I can't dance a lick) I don't mean I have 2 left feet, then I could claim some talent. No I have no rhythm on my feet! But his grandma can cut a rug, in fact she is the best dancer I have ever met... yes she is my X but that changes nothing when it comes to dancing. I use to take her out just to watch her. So he got that from her, but EVERYTHING else is from me. lol


Anonymous said...

Wow, that boy can bust a move alright. Someone should be stuffing 1's inside the waist of his diaper. LOL

Now we need a video of you proving white boys can't dance. Really.

Candice said...

That's hilarious!!