Thursday, December 4, 2008

I know what your asking !!!

I know what your asking! how did those lights get up in that tree? Its thirty feet tall and very skinny, you couldn't of used a latter. If you did you would end up like practically Joe (see his blog about this please) and get hurt. But the lights have to go up they have been up on that tree for years we just can't stop now. So how did the lights get up on my brothers tree then you say? Just have a look and see some Christmas magic! Or that my brothers brother is just a little touched lol
Oh Crap I dropped the *#@*^& lights

Plugging them in and plugging along

Now this is what a bucket of "POO" looks like lol

Yep that's me up in the bucket, my brother on the ground and or boss Madison laying on the lawn. And My brothers lovely wife Ali is the one taking pictures. Thanks Ali! you did a great job!


Midlife Slices said...

What is that bucket attached to? Are you crazy??? o.k. don't answer that. :) Oh and I should mention that you are on the next round of gifts so be alert. I enjoyed wrapping yours sooooo much.

Trixie said...


Ken said...

MLS, that is a secret I can't tell you how it is attached I would have to kill you then. And I love your blog so you will just have to wonder. But trust me I was very safe... in tell I started swinging the thing lol

Practically Joe said...

Ken!!! WTF!
NOW you show me that thing?
You got me riled up now and my ribs are hurtin.

diana said...

i wish we had something like this to put up lights around here. it would make such a difference in what we put up.