Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay, So I'm not smart, but I'm not dumb either

So I wanted to sign up on "twitter" I have seen that tgt has had good success with it and I thought I could give the little updates on my blog from my phone since I haven't had anything big to blog about lately. So I signed up and I'm not sure how it works I thought I could do up dates by phone but they don't tell you how to use the damn thing when you sign up? I can give an update by going on line as you can see in the upper right hand side it says "nothing much" And that's what I think of twitter so far "Nothing much". If you are a twitter or if your tgt please help!

On another note:
We all remember my ipod troubles RIGHT?well they seem to be gone for good now, I have had the same one for a year or so now. So my poor daughter who only has this little stick thing is now going to be the proud owner of my back up music player, the Sony "walkman". Its pink and I formatted it and then I converted 682 songs to a high quality mp3 format then loaded 268 of them in to it for her and will be sending it her way soon.

Just you watch about the time it gets to her my ipod will crash...... But I have the extended warranty. (see I told you I'm not dumb!)

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