Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birds, and there new for the blog!

So I was at my parents house today, giving my mother her mothers day gift (but some damn sister beat me to it....and I will beat her yes you know who you are!) But I'm not upset I just worked for two days on loading pictures in to it and all just to find out my sister gave her one for Christmas! Oops got a little off track here. Okay so the real post is about BIRDS and not what my sister did to me and all my planing...............sorry.

Okay the red and yellow birds are male and female Red Crossbills, and the little guy is a pine Ciscin ? I couldn't find the spelling on it so it may be wrong.

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Candice said...

My sister would love these pics. She's a huge bird watcher. Probably spends 300 bucks a month on bird seed, and she knows what every type of bird is, etc.

She's a freak. ;)