Thursday, February 5, 2009

My project

These pictures are of another section of the fence, I can't find the ones I took of the part I was working on? I might have them at home. I have been house sitting at my nephews for a while and he asked me to do a few things around his place while he was gone. I hope the next time I do this I am replacing this section, it may look bad but its in great shape compared to the part I was working on!
There is more rock here than at any other place I have ever worked on, but I did get 5 holes dug and I think the fence looks much better than the old one did.

I will be going home tomorrow, but rumor has it he may need me to watch his place again next week for a few days. If he does I will be happy to do that. Its not like I have a bunch going on in tell the 12th anyway.

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diana said...

good looking fence, ken. i'm sure your nephew is very appreciative.