Thursday, July 31, 2008

They call this God's ....

This for my new friend in the U.K..(you know who you are)
They call this God's country. It's not, it's just where god comes
when he takes a holiday (we call it a vacation).

Some of these shots here I was standing on a rock,that if I fell it would of
been 30 meters (100 feet) before I hit something and another 100 meters (300 feet)
before I stopped rolling. Not much chance of that happening though, I'm careful!. But I do love a good photo!

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clare4lyfe said...

I know who I am!!!! (I'm singing this by the way!la la la!) Wow that is definitely somewhere I can see God vacationing! Surely even God needs a vacation every once in while!

Ken you have a real talent for photography...Really appreciate your thoughts!