Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The MAN (again)

So the powers that be here at the Inn wanted to change the T.V. room doors to passage doors instead of card lock. The company that we get the locks from wanted $300.00 ea. to change them out. So I put my thinking cap on, and what do you know, I fixed the locks that we already had on the doors for the cost of 1 16 penny nail. Plus I can change them back to locking in about 5 minutes for a total $0.00. So I saved them $1200.00 and got them what they wanted. Should I ask for another raise?.

I will be at Rick and Ali's for the weekend. So I don't know if I will post anything in tell Monday.
Have a good thanksgiving all.

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Renee O said...

Hello Ken! Hope you had a good thanksgiving with Rick and Ali!